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Luxurious Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca fiber is as fine as the finest wool, and much stronger. Soft as cashmere, warmer, lighter, and stronger than wool, alpaca comes in more natural colors than any other fiber producing animal. It is over 5 times as warm as wool.  Most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between a cashmere and alpaca garment.  Some of the advantages of alpaca fiber include:

Semi-Hollow Fiber

Alpaca is a natural semi-hollow fiber with a fineness that matches many of the micro-fiber synthetics.  It is among the world's most luxurious fibers.


Moisture Wicking

Alpaca has low moisture absorbency with great wicking properties resulting in better comfort and warmth.


Unlike wool, alpaca fleece contains no lanolin, and requires no chemical-scouring agents for processing.  This, combined with its natural hypoallergenic properties and softness, makes alpaca garments comfortable, even for sensitive skin.

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